About MCCD

MCCD performs three core activities:

Convening. Through monthly meetings of its Housing Committee, Economic Development Committee, and St. Paul Task Force, MCCD brings together its members to discuss topics of common concerns and share information.

Public Policy. With the combined expertise of the leading community development organizations, MCCD has become a recognized and respected voice on housing, small business development, and inner-city commercial development. MCCD shapes an annual policy platform and legislative agenda and responds to new program proposals, changes in policy or procedures, and funding changes at the local, state and federal levels.

Open to Business Program. The Open to Business program helps new and early stage businesses access the technical assistance they need to grow and prosper. MCCD’s experienced team provides the advice and counseling to clients, helping them achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

MCCD’s also provides small business loans for emerging entrepreneurs who face challenges in accessing the commercial banking system, Many of our borrowers are from low income, minority and new arrival communities. As part of a financing plan, our borrowers can receive help in planning, organizing and managing their businesses. Since 2003, MCCD had loaned over $6.7 million to over 550 entrepreneurs for business start-up or expansion projects.